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Arc/Morris is dedicated to the care, support, and advancement of people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities and their families.

What Is Arc/Morris?

Arc/Morris assists people with intellectual disabilities and their families by providing services and information in a caring and sensitive manner. We help the individuals we serve lead fuller lives and make positive contributions to their communities through activities and programs that welcome everyone with a family atmosphere. Parents and families founded Arc/Morris to provide help for their loved ones, and we have never forgotten how important family ties are. We treat our individuals and families as our own.


A Top Service Provider for Individuals with IDD and their families

  • Residential

    Our system of community-based homes and apartments provides safe and caring housing for people over 21 with I/DD. Well-trained staff help achieve the least restrictive living arrangement for each individual.

  • Adult Day

    Adults over 21 with I/DD receive individual support through specialized programs for behavioral, aging and special needs. Participants are able to become more productive through enjoyable daily activities.

  • Recreation

    Community-based recreation and leisure activates promote self-help and social skills for participants, while providing respite for families and caregivers. Learn more about our Morris County Adaptive Recreational Program (McARP).

  • Family Support

    Programs and support for families needing a temporary break in caregiving are available.


A Community Organization Serving Morris County, NJ

  • Events

    Arc/Morris hosts a variety of annual and special events throughout the year to engage & build our community, including fundraising affairs and the Annual Meeting & Awards Gala which celebrates those in our community working with those with disabilities.

  • Volunteer & Donor Opportunities

    Volunteers can use their skills to help others and give back to their community whether they contribute just a few hours or on a more regular basis. Individuals, businesses and groups can contribute their services or funds knowing that their contributions will help their local communities.

Senator Anthony Bucco speaks at a podium outside in front of the F.M. Kirby Administrative Center; there are two bouquets of flowers in glass vases adorned with red bows on the table in the foreground.

An Advocate for the Rights of People with I/DD

  • Advocacy Initiatives

    Arc/Morris works with local and state officials and other state Arc chapters to support policies and programs that benefit individuals with I/DD and their families while protecting their rights as members of the community. We also work with chapters across the country to advocate for national policies that help individuals with I/DD lead fuller lives.

“I am thankful for all you do, not only for my sister, but all your clients!”
~ Rosalie

70 Years of Service

We are honored to be one of the most experienced organizations in the United States serving individuals with I/DD.

  • 22 Residential programs in the community

  • 15 Years average tenure of staff

  • 3 New programs in development

  • 500 Family members and growing

A closeup of a man smiling.
A closeup of a man smiling.
"My favorite thing about working at Arc/Morris is that each person served is a unique, interesting individual!"
~ Warren

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