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ArcMorris is dedicated to the care, support, and advancement of people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities and their families.

What Is ArcMorris?

ArcMorris assists people with intellectual disabilities and their families by providing services and information in a caring and sensitive manner. We help the individuals we serve lead fuller lives and make positive contributions to their communities through activities and programs that welcome everyone with a family atmosphere. Parents and families founded ArcMorris to provide help for their loved ones, and we have never forgotten how important family ties are. We treat our individuals and families as our own.


A Top Service Provider for Individuals with IDD and their families

  • Residential

    Our system of community-based homes and apartments provides safe and caring housing for people over 21 with I/DD. Well-trained staff help achieve the least restrictive living arrangement for each individual.

  • Adult Day

    Adults over 21 with I/DD receive individual support through specialized programs for behavioral, aging and special needs. Participants are able to become more productive through enjoyable daily activities.

  • Recreation

    Community-based recreation and leisure activates promote self-help and social skills for participants, while providing respite for families and caregivers. Learn more about our Paradise Farm day camp, Morris County Adaptive Recreational Program (McARP), and Teen Club.

  • Family Support

    Programs and support for families needing a temporary break in caregiving are available.


A Community Organization Serving Morris County, NJ

  • Events

    ArcMorris hosts a variety of annual and special events throughout the year to engage & build our community, including fundraising affairs and the Annual Meeting & Awards Gala which celebrates those in our community working with those with disabilities.

  • Volunteer & Donor Opportunities

    Volunteers can use their skills to help others and give back to their community whether they contribute just a few hours or on a more regular basis. Individuals, businesses and groups can contribute their services or funds knowing that their contributions will help their local communities.

Senator Anthony Bucco speaks at a podium outside in front of the F.M. Kirby Administrative Center; there are two bouquets of flowers in glass vases adorned with red bows on the table in the foreground.

An Advocate for the Rights of People with I/DD

  • Advocacy Initiatives

    ArcMorris works with local and state officials and other state Arc chapters to support policies and programs that benefit individuals with I/DD and their families while protecting their rights as members of the community. We also work with chapters across the country to advocate for national policies that help individuals with I/DD lead fuller lives.

“I am thankful for all you do, not only for my sister, but all your clients!”
~ Rosalie

Over 70 Years of Service

We are honored to be one of the most experienced organizations in the United States serving individuals with I/DD.

  • 22 Residential programs in the community

  • 15 Years average tenure of staff

  • 3 New programs in development

  • 500 Family members and growing

"We are so happy with how Amanda has grown this past year and increased her independence. Hazelene has been helping her learn to cook for herself. I think she looks at Elton as a substitute grandfather and Ketou as a big brother. She has developed special bonds with them. When we reflect on the past four years, we never would have imagined a world like this but we also never imagined that Amanda would be living in a place where she is so safe and cared for. Thank you for everything!"
~ Barbara & Cliff

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