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Our Leadership

Our leadership and Board of Directors represent decades of experience working for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and often have a personal connection to the organization. This is the reason why we are committed to providing the highest standard of services possible.

Our Leadership

Salvador Moran

CEO / Executive Director

[email protected] Salvador's LinkedIn Page

Naira Aslanyan

Chief Operating Officer/Associate Executive Director

[email protected] Naira's LinkedIn Page

Melinda Iannarone

Chief Program Officer

[email protected] Melinda's LinkedIn Page

Ann Espada

Assistant Executive Director, Habilitation and Family Support Services

[email protected] Ann's LinkedIn Page

Pavlo Kuievda

Director of Finance

[email protected]

Theresa Williams

Director of Human Resources

[email protected] Theresa's LinkedIn Page

Antonio Salters

Director of Facilities, Fleet & Maintenance

[email protected]

Marquis Bussey

Director of Habilitation

[email protected]

Diana Silver

Director of Residential Services

[email protected]

Alla Aslanyan

Director of Residential Services

[email protected]

Kristine Vidaillet

Director of Compliance

[email protected]

Laura Jennings Pitt

Director of Development, Marketing, and PR

[email protected] Laura's LinkedIn Page

Jamie Cooper

Director of Camp and Recreation

[email protected] Jamie's LinkedIn Page

Robert Fontana

Executive Assistant / Asst. Director of Development, Marketing, and PR

[email protected] Robert's LinkedIn Page

2023 - 2024 Board of Directors

Katherine Cascioli ('26)

Andrew Cattano ('24)

Kathleen Hyland ('26)

Barry E. Levine ('24)

Karen Martin ('24)

Barbara Morris ('24)

Niloy Sengupta ('24)

Board Officers

Kathleen Ingargiola ('24)


Irina Kogan ('26)

First Vice President

Michael Basile ('26)

Second Vice President

Mark DeLotto ('24)


Gwendolyn Utberg ('24)


Thomas Horn

Immediate Past President

We are a caring organization that passionately believes people with disabilities have the right to live to their fullest human potential.
Salvador Moran - CEO / Executive Director