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Our Adult Day Habilitation programs assist individuals with acquiring and refining skills necessary for daily activities and community interaction.

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Prevocational Training Program: This program is intended for individuals who are ready to explore the world of work but need more time to prepare for actual employment. Through a well-structured training program, individuals will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of various occupations to prepare to enter the workforce. We also offer certification programs. Interested candidates will go through assessment to determine their likes and interests.

Travel Training: Staff and participants travel 1:1 or in small groups to teach individuals about using public transit, or services like MAP, Dial-a-Ride, Access Link. Activities can include tracing their route with a map and pointing out specific landmarks while travel.

Self-Sufficiency Guidance: The goal is to give individuals training to thrive independently. Staff will work with participants to store and administer their own medication, ensuring they are logging the time, dosage and medication taken.

Community-Based Educational Trips: Through our community-based programs, participants are presented new opportunities for growth and learning. As part of their development and in an effort to continue to identify interests, staff will take participants on trips throughout the community that facilitate learning. These trips include places like museums and libraries.

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